EpicCare Link

Provider Partners

Our Secure Web Portal

The Link portal facilitates secure communication between Hometown Health and our providers and our employer groups.  Link is a secure web portal used to grant providers and their staff access to referrals, claims and enrollment information for their patients. It also allows employer groups to manager their employee benefit

How to Register

To request a new site for Link, please follow the steps in this “How to Register” document. Please note, users requesting the new site will be considered the Site Administrator. Only Site Administrators need to register. Site Administrators will then put in requests for additional users once their account goes live.

Please note, Providers who also have Hometown Health insurance coverage for their employees will have two Link logins. Want to manage patient interactions and one to manage employee benefit interactions.

Benefits of Link For Providers & Office Staff

Providers and their staff will use Link to communicate, review information, and manage referrals for health plan members. Link also allows providers and their staff to:

  • Securely communicate and reduce call volume. Link users can reach out to staff about patients and resolve reimbursement questions by sending In Basket and customer service messages.
  • Review insurance information. Patients’ coverage information, metered benefits, and submitted claims are available on demand for providers and their support staff.
  • Manage referrals. Providers’ staff submit and review authorizations and notification letter electronically, which simplifies processing for utilization management staff and reduces the number of incomplete requests received. After an appointment has been scheduled, authorization requests are automatically updated and providers are notified in real time.
  • Review and track claims. Providers can review claims they’ve submitted for patients and see claim statuses, even before claims have been fully processed. After claims are processed, the remittance advice appears in Link with details about payment and covered services, giving providers self-service access to remittance details without intervention from staff.
  • Manage your population. Providers can also access care management tools, scorecards and analytics that help to coordinate the care of patient populations.

Benefits of Link For Employer Groups Administrators

  • Add Employee/Dependent Coverage.   Employer group administrators can add or delete coverage for employees and dependents.
  • Review Premium Payments.  Employer group administrators have can review premium payments in Link


Additional Link Education & Resources are available within Link.